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Dec 17, 2012

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  1. For lazy parents with lazy kids.

    In boxing, the boxer with 10,00-hour practice beats your lazy son. In MMA (mixed martial arts), the fighter with 10,00-hour practice has no such guarantee.

    In battle mode, even Nai Khanomtom can be captured alive by the very weak Burmese soldiers. (In kick boxing, 1 on 1, Nai Khanomtom easily beat 10 Burmese boxers in a row).

    So, creativity also counts. Only in silly exams, work-hard folks beat work-less folks. In good exams and in real life or real battles, trickiness/ creativity pays ... very handsomely.

    (1) 1.5 x 1.6 - 1.78 + 67.8 = ....
    (2) How many golf courses in China? Guesstimate.

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I want to reinvent Moodle. I want to retain about one-fifth of its features and do it in Rails. The problem is I am weak in coding. Is there anyone who wants to do this as an open source project?

    I can promise only 2 things : (1) It will be better than Moodle (2) It will be better than Khan Academy on Google App Engine!



    +Sam E. I could code in VB, VC, C, Pascal, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Lisp a little bit ;-). But I have read Moodle code base, their manuals. I've checked Khan on GAE. (1) Just download Moodle and XAMPP etc. Install and run it. Imagine you are a teacher or student. Then you will feel and see what I mean .. 

    +Jeff Dickey Just imagine you are a school admin, or a private tutor/teacher/lecturer. You want to post something on your Moodle-backed site. Is that as easy as posting on Blogger etc? Can I add in-text quiz etc? ... I can go on like this for a few more hours ... And their features .. sigh ...


    +Jeff Dickey "but the question again arises: why?" This is a very important reminder. I don't intent to clone Moodle, ATutor, Khan, Coursera, whatever.

    I just want to help students, by helping them find who can teach them.

    Who can teach? Almost anyone, especially online. But is everyone teaching? No, then why not? Because they don't have incentive(Do I have a better biz model?), because it is too bothersome to teach (Do I ahve a better platform?)

    Thanks, your question helps me to think better, (may be not better, ;-) ) clearer.


  3. +Samuel Hart "but unless you've got something to go on, this is pointless."
    I agree with you. This is a very important reminder. I don't intend to clone Moodle, ATutor, Khan, Coursera, whatever.

    I just want to help students, by helping them find who can teach them.

    Who can teach? Almost anyone, especially online. But is everyone teaching? (Are you teaching though you can?) No, then why not? Because they don't have incentive(Do I have a better business model?), and because it is too bothersome to teach (Do I have a better platform?)

    Thanks,this helps me to think better, (may be not better, ;-) ) clearer.


    +Tom Willis and all, Maybe I haven't thought thru clearly. I am open to any suggestion, this is not restricted to open source, nor to free/voluntary work etc. I only have product ideas, user experience ideas, some market ideas. How to structure a company etc .... I don;t know yet. I don't even know how to structure an Open Source project(SVN, GIT, Mercury, huh..). 

  4. Facebook HopeHero Page/ About

    Kids, this world is rightfully yours to conquer, to improve, to enjoy and to share. You can get your way without resorting to harm, physical, verbal or mental. Now you're UNSTOPPABLE!
    First, we share ideas that give you hopes and empower you to act.

    Second, we put ever-expanding, ever-improving software technologies to good uses, especially in media, communication, collaboration, teaching/training and learning.

  5. Facebook HopeHero Page/ About

    What future do you want for your kids? We want a future where they are well-to-do and loved and respected by many people. To that end, we teach English online. Great scores, real learning and relaxed life style are us.

  6. Facebook HopeHero Page/ About

    We teach English online. Other schools give great scores too. Why us?
    Because we give great scores NOT at the expense of real learning and relaxed life style.

    A future where where your kids are well-to-do and loved and respected by many people, doesn't come about by great scores alone.

    We ensure your kids also learn Effective Communication, Problem Solving / Creativity, and Initiative.


    Lesson 3: Open Schema

    The essence of this lesson is: don't worry about the schema.

    They used to spend a lot of time worrying about the database, keeping everthing nice and normalized. You shouldn’t have to worry about the database. Schema updates are very slow when you get bigger. Adding a column to 10 million rows takes locks and doesn’t work. They used replication for backup and for scaling. Schema updates and maintaining replication is a pain. They would have to restart replication and could go a day without backups. Deployments are a pain because you have to orchestrate how new software and new database upgrades happen together.

    Instead, they keep a Thing Table and a Data Table. Everything in Reddit is a Thing: users, links, comments, subreddits, awards, etc. Things keep common attribute like up/down votes, a type, and creation date. The Data table has three columns: thing id, key, value. There’s a row for every attribute. There’s a row for title, url, author, spam votes, etc. When they add new features they didn’t have to worry about the database anymore. They didn’t have to add new tables for new things or worry about upgrades. Easier for development, deployment, maintenance. The price is you can’t use cool relational features. There are no joins in the database and you must manually enforce consistency. No joins means it’s really easy to distribute data to different machines. You don’t have to worry about foreign keys are doing joins or how to split the data up. Worked out really well. Worries of using a relational database are a thing of the past.

    Lesson 6: Store Redundant Data

    The essence of this lesson is: the key to speed is to precompute everything and cache it.

    The way to make a slow website is have a perfectly normalized database, collect it all on demand, and then render it. It takes forever on every single request. So if you have data that might be displayed in several different formats, like links on front page, in-box, or profile, store all those representations separately. So when somebody comes and gets the data it’s already there.

    Every listing has 15 different sort orders (hot, new, top, old, this week). When someone submits a link they recalculate all the possible listing that link could effect. It may be a little wasteful upfront, but it’s it better to wasteful upfront than slow. Wasting disk and memory is better than keeping users waiting.

    "Precompute everything" is actually the 1st rule in scaling applications. They've just taken it beyond where most take it.

    So you basically hacked a simple key-value storage into MySQL? Why not use Cassandra, couchdb, tokyo tyrant, redis?


    When you push something to the limit all technologies fail in their own special way. This lead them to evaluate tool choices with a preference for tools that are: mature; really good and simple; well known and liked; well supported; consistently good performers; failure free as possible; free. Using these criteria they selected:
    MySQL, Solr, Memcache, and Redis.
    Cassandra and Mongo were dropped.

    Why MySQL?

    Really mature.

    Very solid. It’s never gone down for them and it’s never lost data.

    You can hire for it. A lot of engineers know MySQL.

    Response time to request rate increases linearly. Some technologies don’t respond as well when the request rate spikes.

    Very good software support - XtraBackup, Innotop, Maatkit

    Great community. Getting questions answered is easy.

    Very good support from companies like Percona.

    Free - important when you don’t have any funding initially.

    Very Good on sharding ... kyaw

    Use narrow database tables as opposed to wide ones .............

    Next, consider partitioning your database. GOOD

    === XXX

  11. (1)
    In every round of funding, partners distribute between 0.0x% and y% in equity shares to new investors and employees.


    Give out ownership based on meeting corporate targets, with more given out if a stretch goal is met, and none given out if the base goal is not met. This can be done on a regular basis, with amounts set so that they are sufficient to get people's interest, but not so high as to make majority owners feel like they are giving too much away.


    the standard drill is a one year cliff for new employees after which stock options can begin to vest monthly or annually. Rules of thumb on who gets how many options vary, he says, but executive or early hires can be granted as much as 1-2% of the total shares of the company.

    Typically stock options vest completely in four years
    55 founder + 25 investors + 20 employee pool

    C's = 5-10 + 1-3% of/from? pool

    (5) GOOD

  12. (1) +

    web design


    (3) escrow ??

  13. (1)

    (2) GOOD SAME?

    Hard to find = non existing???

  14. I can smell+see+hear fear, confusion, despair in kids, students, individuals, towns and societies and peoples.

    Then, I don't bite asunder the jugulars. I don't swoop down on the backs to break (as in Sun Tzu). I don't squeeze the fearful to death, like a python. I don't drown the bewildered, like a croc.

    I don't ask for more money. I don't press my advantage. I hold my fire. I offer help, I show the way out to a better spot.

    I was born to help, to serve. I came to help, to serve, to build.

    May every town I live in know this!

    In return, I am usually safe from "Bite, break, squeeze, drown" moves even when I am most fearful, confused and despairing.

  15. (1) mobile db-driven app 6.5 to 45 k per app, accding to 2013 book

    Rewardz provides a one-stop solutio
    zawthetaung, eugene sia L, akira hirakawa L


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  18. Ireland vs Scotland 2nd odi live streaming match

  19. When if I run an Academy" --- A poem
    We would teach Linguistics with great care,
    For it can cause, inside and outside of class, lots of flares.

    Sun Tzu, too, we shall teach with special care,
    For some kids, even after haveing read it,
    Still went on to write "Protracted War" or "Unrestricted Warfare"

    Math, Physics, Chemistry we do but won't elaborate
    But if you ignore them, your dreams may evaporate.

    Above all, we ban the Scriptures from certain syllabus
    For Lord Buddha Himself has said it's dangerous.

    (He said) to study it with an unkind mind
    Is like catching a snake, with bare hands, from behind.

    It will turn and bite your hand
    The poison to destroy your glands.

    Learn whatever
    Do whatever
    Just make sure your motive is 24 karats pure.

    Or else, the brave shall be bitten
    the clever, smitten
    Oh, the only rhyming word left is "kitten."


    "Genuinely Post-Post-Modern Poetry" --- a poem

    'Without rhyme or reason,' no one can say,
    For I sure know some lean-manufacturing and much more nasty ways.

    There may be little reason in my poems, I can agree
    But my lines do rhyme as you can see.

    Reason, sense and sensibility rarely come to my mind
    Even clarity, the very first quality of good writing, is hard to find.

    But, while reason is a tough thing to do
    Rhymes is no more complex than voodoo!

    So, whenever I doubt I lack reason
    I make sure my lines do rhyme with some sort of Six-Sigma precision.

    Poetry, my friends, in the 22nd century is fast cheap
    Just check rhyming dictionaries on Google before you leap.